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Low Flat Rates

  • Standard non-recourse 3% or lower.
  • No hidden fees— EVER.

No Commitments

  • Cancel any time for any reason.

  • No sign-up or termination fees.

Same-Day Payment

  • Submit invoices by 12:30pm ET to get paid the same day.

Flat rates
No hidden fees

Our standard rate for fleets under 5 trucks is 3% non-recourse. See if you qualify for a lower rate by contacting our team today.

  Flat non-recourse rate

No reserves

Full advance

  No contract term

   No termination fees

   No minimum volume

Free from commitments

You have enough commitments in your life. So we won’t lock you up in a 90-day trial. Try us for free and cancel at any time.

Online Access

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   Free Credit Checks

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No more hassle

Rely on InstaPay to handle all invoicing and collections. Our online portal is fast and convenient for submitting loads and tracking payments.

How To Get Started

  Apply Online

  • Fill out our 2-minute application. Answer some questions and upload some documents

   Submit Invoices

  • Once you’ve completed your application, simply login to the portal and submit your invoices.

   Get Funded

  • Approvals normally take less than an hour. Submit an invoice by 12:30 pm ET to get paid the same day.

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Why InstaPay?


Want to take the headache out of getting paid? When you rely on InstaPay for freight factoring, we handle all aspects of your invoicing and collections. Our online portal is faster and more convenient to use than submitting invoices via email or fax. You can count on us to get you paid quickly.


Instead of waiting up to 30 days for your money, our factoring company for carriers pays you within 24 hours. That means you can maintain your cash flow to make payroll and keep up with the maintenance of your trucks. You also get a flat 3% rate, no hidden costs, and same-day payments.


Our services can be a benefit to carriers in numerous ways. Because you get your payments from us almost immediately, you’ll have the cash flow needed to make payroll, keep up with maintenance, and reinvest in your fleet. You’ll also reduce overhead costs and time spent on handling collections.


Count on our freight factoring company to take care of your invoices and collections, and you’ll not only know that you’ll be paid promptly — you’ll also free up your time to concentrate on what you do best. Never spend time tracking down shippers again.

Flat rates from 1.99%

  Free credit checks

  No hidden fees

Factoring for fleets

If you run a fleet with over 5 trucks, we’ll tailor our solution to your needs. We offer flat rates same-day funding, flexible terms, and more.

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