Equipment Loans

Every Company’s Needs Are Different…

At VeoGlobal We Address YOUR NEEDS!


VeoGlobal Custom Tailors Your Equipment Loan To Your Unique Business Need!

At VeoGlobal we know that just like people, no two businesses are exactly alike. So why should your business be treated like everyone else’s business when you are applying for an equipment loan? We don’t believe you should, and we WILL work around your unique business’ needs and circumstances.

Some companies may need to replace aging equipment to modernize or speed up production. Others may need new equipment to handle business growth.

But whatever your business equipment loan requirements, a VeoGlobal Equipment Loan Specialist will work with you to determine exactly your equipment loan needs and will custom tailor your equipment loan to your cash flow and exact business conditions for the term of loan that you can afford and to help grow your business.

Equipment Loans For All Purposes

Are you needing to purchase some new equipment? Maybe some new trucks, new computers and office equipment, a new piece of production equipment? Whatever your company requires in a new OR used equipment purchase…VeoGlobal Can Help!

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Equipment Loans Money FAST
  • VeoGlobal will provide your with…
    • Equipment Finance Agreements (EFAs) up to $500,000
    • Terms range from 2-5 years (24-60 months)
    • Credit decisions typically made within 24-48 hours of a complete application
    • Simple ACH payments you make monthly
    • VeoGlobal makes it simple, easy and fast!

Also, please note that VeoGlobal equipment loans are real loans, not leases. And because you will actually own the equipment, your business is allowed to claim the depreciation on your taxes to the fullest extent permitted by Federal tax law.

Is your credit situation less than stellar?

We realize that everyone has at some time in their business life, had problems with their cash flow, payment of bills and the many other problems that impact small to medium size business every day.

Because of this, VeoGlobal has multiple programs available for businesses that have experienced some “dings” on their credit. Of course, all loans are subject to the Lender’s approval, but at VeoGlobal we have lenders that work will ALL types of equipment loan credit situations.

Bad Credit Equipment Loans

So, don’t despair, let VeoGlobal review your business’ equipment loan requirements and your less than excellent credit to see if we can help!