How Do You Tell One Factoring and Financing Company From Another?

You look for a company that specializes in YOUR industry!


Learn why VeoGlobal is a Factoring And Financing Specialist and why you should consider using us for your Factoring needs!

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VeoGlobal Is HIGHLY Specialized In The Clients We Accept

At some point in their career, a business owner must decide to niche or stay generalized. Both have their advantages. A generalist can throw their net over a wide range of veritable fish and end up catching several clients searching for diverse services. For example, Walmart, being a generalist, will sell to shoppers looking for TV’s, celery, and even diapers. A specialist only offers specific services for clients in need of those services. BestBuy is an example of a retail specialist. A BestBuy shopper either looking for a tech solution or they are lost. The Walmart’s of the world are respectable institutions that offer a valuable service to the least mindful shoppers. The BestBuy’s, however, offers concise, high-quality solutions to shoppers looking for very specific goods. After much consideration, the VeoGlobal team decided that we should be specialist ONLY in Factoring and Finance Solutions.

Why Veoglobal Has A Whole Team Who Are Specialists In Invoice Factoring and Financing Services

Think of a niche business like this: when an individual finishes high school they are equipped with rather generalized knowledge that will allow them to pursue multiple careers. If that student then wants to learn more about science, they will pursue an undergrad in biology. If, while studying human anatomy the student decides that they want to become a doctor, they will need to apply for med school and then study more.

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Do You Want A Specialist Working On Your Factoring And Financing Needs Or A General Practitioner?

Finally, if the doctor-in-training decides that he loves the idea of working on a human heart, he will need to specialize in cardiology. Just like a woman who experienced a heart attack would never see a high school student for heart surgery, a company struggling with cash flow would not trust their business’s precious capital with a generalized lender. At VeoGlobal we are the heart surgeons of invoice factoring and financial services.

VeoGlobal ONLY offers Invoice Factoring and Financial Services.

There are many other lending institutions that offer every product under the sun but do not specialize in any given product. Their level of service for a single client ends up like a small dollop of butter scraped over too much toast—spread thin and lacking. Instead of knowing a little about a lot of lending options and industries, at VeoGlobal we have chosen to know a lot about only very specialized lending options and focus on a few industries. We focus only on invoice factoring and financial services and serve oilfield, refineries, staffing, trucking and manufacturing and a limited list of other areas of business.

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Benefits of Working With a Specialized Lender:

Concentrated Product Knowledge After years of working with only oilfield, staffing, trucking, manufacturing and a few other limited industries in invoice factoring and financial services, we have learned exactly how all those industries operate.  Our concentrated product knowledge allows VeoGlobal to provide a client with unparalleled service pertinent to each individual industry.

Peripheral Industry Connections

VeoGlobal works with the best lawyers, CPA’s, bankers and insurance professionals in staffing, oil and gas, manufacturing, trucking and a few other limited industries.  Part of our service to a client is to connect them with quality business professionals that will help their business flourish.

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Leveraged Lending Relationships

Most commercial finance organizations work with hundreds of lenders, whereas VeoGlobal will not consider working with a lender unless they have a reputation for being the most effective in their industry.  For example, for oil and gas clients we pair with oil and gas lenders; for staffing clients, we pair with staffing lenders, and so on. Because we only pair with a few, specialized lenders we can leverage those relationships and present a client with the very best rates and services.

So, what are you waiting on?

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