Equipment Loans Are Little Rays Of Sunshine For Business Owners

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So don’t wait…get that new power saw!

The first rule of any successful business is to make sure that your money is working for you and not the other way around. Equipment is the primary tool for ensuring that our money is working for us.

Equipment is anything from trucks to heavy machinery, milling machines to million dollar servers. Laptops to sewing machines.

Every business needs at least some equipment to earn a profit.

Some businesses need a lot of equipment.

All equipment costs money, and most of it costs a lot of money.

Equipment loans are designed to make sure that your business has the equipment it needs when it needs it.

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What makes equipment loans so nice for business owners is that by their nature equipment loans are predictable. Lenders love predictability. Predictability makes it much easier for lenders to predict their risk and maximize your loan.

Equipment loans are designed for businesses that know exactly what they want, why they need it, how much it’s going to cost them and how much money they are going to earn with the equipment that they need. If your business can answer those questions and can demonstrate the expertise to use the equipment profitably, then you are ready for an equipment loan.

What’s more, equipment loans also have some other advantages. Loans are not leases. With a loan, you own your equipment. You have the right to its depreciation on your taxes. At the end of the loan, you still keep the equipment. Your equipment can frequently serve as collateral for your loan making the loan easier to obtain. Often, a business that knows exactly what equipment it needs and how to use it most profitably, is able to pay off an equipment loan early.

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Equipment loans are a source of capital that your business uses to maximize and multiply its profitability and long term success.

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