Itroduction To Bridge Loans

In the same way that a bridge allows us to cross a gap in the landscape, a bridge loan allows us to cross a gap in our financing.

The simple truth of life is that our path is not always smooth. Sometimes things don’t line up perfectly. Sometimes the difference between where we are and where we want to go is just too big for us to cross without a little help. Hello Bridge.

Factoring, Equipment Loans, Bridge or Term Loans, Lines of Credit and Many Other Types of Financing 11

Bridge loans are not meant to be long term financing. Just as the bridge you cross on your journey is only one small part of your path, your bridge loan is only one, small part of your financial journey.

Again, just as the bridge that you cross on a journey is much more expensive to build per foot or mile than the road on either side, so too, your bridge loan will usually be more expensive than your long term financing.

Factoring, Equipment Loans, Bridge or Term Loans, Lines of Credit and Many Other Types of Financing 12

A bridge loan is a financial tool that carries your business across the financial gaps that separate it from long term financing. These gaps are usually in timing. Obtaining loans can sometimes be quite slow.

Of course, since your bridge loan is intended to help you reach a loan, and loans don’t always come into existence when we need them, bridge loans are riskier for banks than other kinds of financing.

A bridge loan is typically short term, high interest and collateral secured. While this combination would frequently render long term financing impossible, the combination makes bridge financing feasible.

Your company gets the resources it needs until long term and less expensive financing is available. The lender gets the compensation for and mitigation of risk that makes this vital form of lending possible.

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